What is Ranking: Definition and 96 Discussions

A ranking is a relationship between a set of items such that, for any two items, the first is either "ranked higher than", "ranked lower than" or "ranked equal to" the second.
In mathematics, this is known as a weak order or total preorder of objects. It is not necessarily a total order of objects because two different objects can have the same ranking. The rankings themselves are totally ordered. For example, materials are totally preordered by hardness, while degrees of hardness are totally ordered. If two items are the same in rank it is considered a tie.
By reducing detailed measures to a sequence of ordinal numbers, rankings make it possible to evaluate complex information according to certain criteria. Thus, for example, an Internet search engine may rank the pages it finds according to an estimation of their relevance, making it possible for the user quickly to select the pages they are likely to want to see.
Analysis of data obtained by ranking commonly requires non-parametric statistics.

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  1. DeBangis21

    Engineering Cadre: Engineer, Technologist, Technician, Artisan/Craftsman

    The Engineering Cadre: 1. Engineer 2. Technologist 3. Technician 4. Artisan/craftsman. Warm greetings, PF intellectuals. I would like to hear your insights about the ranking. The last have no qualification. What is/are the difference(s) between an engineer and a technologist? And who really...
  2. C

    Ranking charge stored on three capacitors by a battery

    For this problem, The solution is, I have a few questions about parts of the solutions, - Part(b): (1) Why do they assume that the capacitors are initially uncharged? Do they even need to make that assumption because it seems clear to me that we are finding the charge stored by each...
  3. H

    PV diagram, ranking heat transfer between 4 processes

    Apologies, made a mistake when posting. Please see below post.
  4. greg_rack

    Ranking "by eye" bi-material cross sections for strength/stiffness

    Howdy guys, Say we have been given the four thin-walled cross sections below loaded in pure torsion, where the material in black, titanium, has E=100GPa and the one grey one, aluminum, E=75GPa(no clue why Es are given, as I would have expected the shear modulus, G... maybe it is expected to use...
  5. I

    MHB How Can Weighting Opponent Ranking Impact Tennis Player Statistics?

    I have the following table. I would like to know how to give an weight to the "12 Month Median Ranking of Opponent" so it changes other two columns depending on how high/low the ranking is. To put this into perspective, this is regarding tennis players. On the spreadsheet I can have two players...
  6. M

    MHB How is lexicographic order used in ranking and unranking subsets?

    Hey! :giggle: I am looking at the following codes: It is lexicographic order related to ranking and unranking. Here is also an example: There is also the Gray code: with the repective examples: I haven't really understood the ranking and the unranking. So we have a set and...
  7. I

    A Building a better ranking system (probability)

    Suppose we have four games and the probability that a player will win the game are as follows: Game 1: 71% Game 2: 55% Game 3: 58% Game 4: 16% Suppose player b won these games with the following percentages of time: Game 1: 100% Game 2: 96% Game 3: 87% Game 4: 67% In other words, he's a very...
  8. J

    Schools Confused about the importance of departmental rankings

    I’m at the point in my career where I’ve been accepted to a few grad schools and am currently deciding where to go. My top priority is advisor fit, since I plan to stay in my field. Talking to multiple professors/scientists at different institutions, it seems that my success in grad school is...
  9. W

    Which Physics Topics Are Easiest for IB: Optics, Mechanics, or Thermodynamics?

    What is the easiest topic from optics,mechanics,thermodynamics and electricity(DC)?Can someone rank them from easiest to hardest? I want to know that because I'm taking my IB and I don't know which one to pick.I found something about this ranking but I'm not sure if this is the correct one...
  10. isukatphysics69

    Phase Shift in Sinusoidal Functions: Solving for Φ in Different Cases

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Asin(wt + Φ) The Attempt at a Solution let t = 0 Case A: -.10 = .20sin(Φ) sin-1(-.10/.20) = Φ = -0.52 Case B: .10 = .10sin(Φ) sin-1(.10/.10) = Φ = 1.57Case C: -.05 = .05sin(Φ) sin-1(-.05/.05) = Φ = -1.57Case D: 0 = .20sin(Φ) sin-1(0/.20) = Φ = 0 Now...
  11. isukatphysics69

    Ranking Forces in Picture: Net Force and Friction Equations

    1. Homework Statement in picture Homework Equations My equations are netforceyA = -MG + Friction between A and Hand + Friction between A and B netforceyB = -MG + Friction between B and A The Attempt at a Solution Friction between A and B are equivelant due to Newtons third law since they...
  12. isukatphysics69

    What is the ranking of forces in a problem on ranking forces?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations f=ma The Attempt at a Solution ( i have put numerous different forces into the answer box and nothing worked. i was just taking a screenshot of problem here) Edit: never mind about kinetic friction with wall i just saw that there is no friction with...
  13. Physics345

    Electronegativity / predicting structure / ranking order

    Homework Statement a) Calculate the differences in electronegativity between the elements in each of these compounds. I)CaBr2 II) Na3N III) CH4 b) Predict whether each of these compounds would be an ionic or a molecular compound and justify each prediction. c) Rank the bonds in these compounds...
  14. mercenarycor

    Schools Advice on shopping for Physics Graduate Schools

    Hello all! I'm preparing to transition out of the military, and will have about 4 courses left on my BS when I do. I think it's about time to start looking at grad schools! (YAY!) However, as I look, the possibilities seem almost overwhelming! My question, therefore, is not about how to...
  15. H

    Ranking Kinetic Energy: Why Does Mass Matter More Than Amplitude?

    Homework Statement Rank the cases from maximum Kinetic Energy (KE) to lowest KE. State any ties. Briefly, explain your ranking. Case 1 has mass M and amplitude A Case 2 has mass 2M and amplitude A Case 3 has mass M and amplitude 2A Homework Equations 1. E=\dfrac{1}{2}kA^{2} 2...
  16. C

    B Ranking velocities from least to greatest

    If I have three velocities and am asked to rank them from least to greatest and they are -10 m/s, 3 m/s and 1 m/s I thought it would be 1 m/s, 3 m/s, and -10 m/s. However, someone told me that because -10 was negative, it would technically be the smallest. I found this strange. Who is right...
  17. P

    I Algorithm to create a composite score

    Hi everyone! This is an application question. I would like to get some advice about how to calculate a score based on a set of individual scores in a way that makes most sense. CONTEXT: I am going over some criteria for judging usability of hypotheses. I came up with a whole bunch about a...
  18. F

    Schools Importance of advisor vs. ranking for grad school?

    So some brief backstory about why I’m asking this question: I’m applying to grad schools next fall, and everything on my CV looks great (2 REUs, I know four professors I can get a great research letter from, I’m doing honors at a top 10 university for physics, etc.) except my gpa, which is...
  19. ikihi

    Ranking brightness of lightbulbs in a circuit

    Homework Statement In the circuit shown, all the light bulbs are the same. Why is the following statement true? : A is the brightest. B and C are equally bright, but are dimmer than A. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C6GllsQVMAA4chz.jpg:large...
  20. O

    Schools How to check school ranking by field?

    I've heard a lot about different schools having stellar reputations in certain subfields of physics, and that this likely matters more for career advancement than how "highly ranked" the school is overall. My question is, as someone who isn't currently plugged into an academic community, how can...
  21. HyperTechno

    Schools Does a University's Global Ranking Affect Job Prospects and Salary?

    If I graduate from a university that possesses the world ranking of "6977" with a 4 year Software Engineering degree {BSc(Hons),Eng} what kind of acceptance my qualification will have at the international level? Won't I be able to enjoy a good salary? Will my degree get rejected? The degree...
  22. micromass

    Challenge Micromass' math challenges and ranking

    List of challenges: Integral Challenge: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/micromass-big-integral-challenge.867904/ Counterexample Challenge: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/micromass-big-counterexample-challenge.869194/ Counterexample Challenge 2...
  23. H

    Isolated Point Charge and Work?

    This is a really abstract question, and I'm absolutely clueless on how to approach it. I know W= F*d, where F=force and d=distance, as well as W= PEa-PEb. The question reads: The diagram shows an isolated point charge. Marked are four paths (A, B, C, and D) from a point (P1) to point (P2). The...
  24. M

    Schools Why is The University of Oregon too bad at ranking

    I applied to UO for a PhD because after browsing their HEP staff webpages I was impressed because most of them had their PhD degree from top schools. But I then got surprised by their bad ranking. They aren't even mentioned in ARWU top 200 grad schools in physics. Even 300 top schools in physics...
  25. S

    Ranking of a set of theoretical particle physics programs

    Among the following programs, which are the best for theoretical particle physics? Stony Brook, Penn State, Iowa State, Urbana Champaign, Arizona, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Florida, Tennesse KnoxVille Are there some other programs of lower ranking in the league tables, but has a strong high...
  26. K

    Which Quintuplet Returns to Earth Last Based on Time Dilation Ranking?

    Homework Statement Five identical quintuplets leave Earth when they reach the age of 21, in the year 2121. Each quintuplet goes on a spaceship journey that takes T years, as measured by a clock in each spaceship. During the journey they travel at a constant speed v, as measured on earth, except...
  27. D

    MHB Ranking Images using a 5-Star Ratings System (Bayesian Statistics?)

    I run a photo contest that uses a 5-star rating system which ranks the images according to their average rating. However, I would like to factor in the total number of votes a photo receives to get a more accurate ranking. For example, I do not want an image with one 5-star vote (Avg rating: 5)...
  28. X

    Schools Is ranking universities by scientific journals accurate?

    I am going to be a senior this year and I am considering on studying physics. I want to know what universities to apply to. I found a web page that shows universities ranked by scientific journals. A couple response would be nice. Link to web page-...
  29. S

    Rank Array of Numbers in Ascending Order in C

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this type of question, so I will relocate if need be. What I'm interested in doing is taking an array of numbers and assigning a rank based on ascending order. Explicitly, the ranking of an array would look like 1.534 - 15 -0.887 - 3 -0.489...
  30. narf0708

    Help creating a ranking system

    I've recently been wishing to create a ranking system for a game that several friends and I play, a ranking system that will keep track of our relative skill levels over the course of many games, sort of like a tournament, but with more freedom, more akin to an Elo type system. However, I've...
  31. S

    Ranking the Magnitude of forces

    Homework Statement Rank the magnitude of Fn, Fg and Ff of a suitcase sliding down a slope at a constant speed Homework Equations I'm not really sure about this but I am guessing The Attempt at a Solution So if it's going down the slope at a constant speed then the sum of all forces is 0. so...
  32. B3NR4Y

    Ranking Rotational Inertia Task

    Homework Statement I'm given the following four structures with their rotational axes marked, I have to rank them from largest to smallest rotational inertias, I have trouble with that apparently. Homework Equations No equations are really necessary, just my book says the more mass there is...
  33. moriheru

    Ranking of Retro-programming languages

    Greetings, All right, I think the title says it all, yet to elaborate things a bit: This thread ranks the best Programming languages(yes this is of course subjectiv!) of the 60s-80s and early 90s.
  34. O

    Forces on Identical Bricks: Ranking Magnitudes

    Three identical bricks are pushed across a table at constant speed as shown. Rank the magnitudes of all the horizontal forces that you identified in your free body diagram. So I identified the horizontal forces of push, friction, system a on system b, and b on a. I understand the force will...
  35. J

    How do I add vectors using geometric and component-wise methods?

    Homework Statement Hello, this is my first time taking physics in college, and I have read the section twice and I this is what I understand. If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be great. For example: How do I find the angle for example from Vector a + Vector b. Would...
  36. BiGyElLoWhAt

    Ranking force on q via multiple charge density vs. theta graphs

    Homework Statement A point charge +q is placed near a curved, charged, insulating rod as shown at the left below. (I'll just draw it, I don't have access to a camera at the moment) The charge is placed near the center of the curvature of the curved rod. For each of the five cases A-E, the...
  37. M

    Ranking of world's longest rivers

    Hi. Usually Nile river is assumed as world's longest river with its 4250 miles length but sometimes Mississippi River is assumed world's longest river. River Amazon is world second longest river with its 4000 miles length. So what should be the true ranking?
  38. A

    Physics Pressure ranking pressures?

    Homework Statement assuming points 1 and 2 are on the horizontal line, and the green portion has a greater density than blue rank the pressure points?? Homework Equations pressure = rho x g x height The Attempt at a Solution i was thinking 3> (1=2)
  39. D

    Ranking Electric Potential of Electrons in a E Field

    Homework Statement Note this is a PRACTICE midterm problem. Not due for homework or for a grade. My exam is on Tuesday "an electron moves from point A to point B in a uniform electric field as show below. Rank the electrons in diagrams 1 through 2 by the changes in potential from greatest...
  40. Y

    Is an Accredited Engineering School the Best Choice for Undergraduates?

    hi all once a student graduate from High school he will start looking for a university (there are exceptions for sure). and the ranking story begins ... what do you think? is an accredited engineering school for the undergraduate level is the best choice? an engineer told me once that an...
  41. L

    Ranking Brightness of Lightbulbs in a Circuit

    Homework Statement Consider a circuit containing five identical light bulbs and an ideal battery. Assume that the resistance of each light bulb remains constant. Rank the bulbs (A through E) based on their brightness. http://postimg.org/image/5dlx5a1p3/ Homework Equations V=IR => I=V/R The...
  42. S

    Ranking question about solubility

    Rank the following of increasing solubility in acetone, (CH3)2C=O A. Oxygen B. CH3CH2CH2OH C. HOCH2CH2CH2OH I know that acetone has dipole-dipole interactions but it is capable of hydrogen bonding as it has 2 hydrogen bond acceptors. So in A, there are only London Dispersion interactions so...
  43. haruspex

    Ranking the pairs in a bridge match - what precision?

    I've come across a bug in a program that calculates rankings from the results of a bridge tournament. It should be fixable by increasing the precision, but it's not obvious what the precision needs to be. (I don't have access to the source and anticipate push back from the coder, so I need it...
  44. A

    Ranking forces between charged particles

    Homework Statement Two charges with magnitude (Q) experience a force (F) when held a distance apart. Rank from smallest to largest the forces between charges of the following magnitudes (q), held the following respective distances (r) apart. (There may be ties.) A) q= Q/3 r= R/3 B) q= 2Q...
  45. U

    Create Composite Ranking of Items Ranked in Multiple Categories

    Hey all, So the idea is that I'm trying to create a composite ranking system of items that are already in different categories. For example, suppose there are 4 houses that a buyer is choosing from. These 4 houses are ranked 1-4 in each of the categories such as affordability, location, and...
  46. A

    Ranking springs in terms of spring constant

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Hooke's law. F = kΔx ω = sqrt(k/m) The Attempt at a Solution For part A F = mg = kΔx k = mg/Δx g is a constant so the spring constant is proportional to the mass and inversely proportional to the change in distance that the spring...
  47. W

    Static Friction and Frictional Force Ranking Task

    Homework Statement Below are six crates at rest on level surfaces. The crates have different masses and the frictional coefficients [given as (μs, μk) ] between the crates and the surfaces differ. The same external force is applied to each crate, but none of the crates move. Rank the crates on...
  48. S

    Optimizing Football Coach Rankings: Choosing Weights for Statistical Variables

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to rank football coaches and I'm a little confused on how to choose the weights to put in each variable. So far the variables I have decided to use are: total career wins, total winning percentage, current season winning percentage, current season total point...
  49. S

    Schools Ranking US Universities according to their physics research

    Hello I have asked similar questions in the past but am having a lot of trouble with this!: I am welcoming all advice on finding good official ranking tables of US Universities according to the quality and volume (and perhaps other metrics as well!) of their scientific research. For...
  50. A

    Ranking languages from high-level to low

    How should I rank the following languages from low-level to high-level? Do I have the ranking right below? ----------high Perl Python Java C# C++ C ----------low Additionally, where do sed/awk/grep fall in line? I'm interested in starting a project that goes through very basic functionality...