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Rapper B.o.B. says the Earth is flat; NdGT responds

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    I saw that, flat earthers annoy me, but I have an alternative theory.

    He knows that if he says something dumb, he'll end up all over reddit, 9gag, and the news in general. He's using the Donald Trump approach: say something stupid and get the spotlight on you. It's better to be seen as stupid, but relevant, than to be obscure. I'd never heard of the guy before, I'd say the strategy works.
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    In this case, newjerseyrunner is probably correct. Artists want to gain attention.
    In other people who believe in various fundamentalist ideas (I will not write examples of such beliefs here because someone could be offended) it may be caused by fear of new social situation. Too many contradictory forces in the modern society. Too confusing.
    So they choose something rock solid that has worked for hundreds of years and hold tight to it. It gives them a sense of security.
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