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Real life word problem 1/2x7/8

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    Hi All,
    My child has a problem that I can't help him to understand.
    It will be highly appreciated if I could find a solution for this problem:
    A studnet in answering a word problem wrote 1/2x7/8
    a- Write a "real life" word problem for which 1/2x7/8 is part of the working.
    b- Draw a diagram to illustrate 1/2 x 7/8
    c- Evaluate 1/2x 7/8 "which I think this the easiest one"

    Thank you in advance
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    Why don't you just do a pizza example. It's easy to understand and easy to show graphically.

    Allan, Bob and Chuck buy a large pizza to share. Allan isn't very hungry and only wants one slice consisting of 1/8th of the total pizza. Bob and Chuck decide to share the remainder evenly between them.

    1 - 1/8 = 7/8 remains after Allan takes his slice.

    1/2 * 7/8 = 7/16 is what Bob and Chuck each get.
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    Thank you so much
    What about the diagram
    Is it eight pieces, then color 7 out of 8
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    Yes, and then show the 7 remaining pieces split into two equal parts by dividing at least one of them in two (making them each 1/16th).
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