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Really confused about what to do

  1. Feb 4, 2013 #1
    Really confused about what to do......

    I am a high school student in india starting grade 11 . i have completed Resnick and Haliiday's "Fundamentals of physics" . then i bought IE Irodov and solved about 200 problems in it and found it fairly easy ( very less number of challenging problems ) . I learnt single variable and multi variable calculus and now I am learning differential equations

    Now I am really unsure of what i should do , should i keep practicing what i learned till now and give a shot at the International Physics Olympiad . As i want to get admitted in a good university having an olympiad medal will give me a better chance of getting selected .

    Or should i go for more advanced topics like Linear algebra , Complex analysis etc . What advantage will i have by having knowledge of these advanced topics before i enter university ?

    Please give me some guidance
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    Re: Really confused about what to do......

    Depth of Knowledge is always better than Range of Knowledge.
    Just study the stuffs which is in you academic syllabus and give it your best.Perfection is Everything. Just imagine you have completed by yourself till Graduate Level of Physics and when someone ask you to Explain or solve some question in High School Book and that time you are not able to do that.How do you feel.
    If you want the challenge then complete you Academic Syllabus and start solving problem asked in Homework and Coursework Forum they seems good enough challenging.
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