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Studying Really discouraged right now (studying time vs. test scores)

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    I'm feeling really discouraged at the moment. I study a lot and my test scores don't reflect it. I got a 90 on a test that I prepared so hard, long for. It's really discouraging. I haven't been able to do any work since then
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    90% is very good, in my school that's an A which is then curved to a 4.0, well at least for math. The problem isn't the studying or the test scores, it's the fact that you think tests = how much you really know the material. As long as you understand the material that is all that matters, in the real world, test scores as long as you decently well on them don't matter Also two question. College or H.S? and what class?
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    college. Bio II. Didn't pass a single test in Bio I last year. On academic probation right now. Been busting my chops studying all the time. Just feeling a little discouraged that I didn't get at least a 95. it's discouraging. a kid who doesn't study as much as I did got a 94
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    Well unless biology is what you want to go into as long as you pass the class you should be fine 90 is still a good grade. My old H.S physics teacher told me to not worry about how other people do and just focus on how you do. Do you find the memorization hard? Because from my experience with regent bio it was mostly memorization which can be annoying especially if you have no real interest in it.
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    Did you feel confident during the test? or did you feel like you should have missed those few problems?

    I find my discouraging testing downturns come in one of three flavors:
    1) I run out of time due to completeness and my bad handwriting I have to force to write well.
    2) I did not feel confident on a series of questions and know I got them wrong
    3) I was confident, but did not realize what the instructor wanted (generally from trying to rush)

    In the end I identify which issue I am having with which instructor and correct it. (In general) To correct #1 I learn to put down the 'minimum' of what an instructor wants, #2: I study more and look for those little pet-problems the teacher likes but may not be book focused, #3: I ask more questions in class to get a better feel of how they do problems.
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    You went from failing everything and academic probation to a 90 and you're disappointed? A 90 is an excellent score.
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    It doesn't matter what anyone else does. It's alright to be unsatisfied with your scores. I can only think of a couple times I was truly satisfied with my exam performance. All you can do is all you can do.

    1. Make a written outline of your strategy for success.
    2. Revise your strategy every time you gain information e.g. after each exam.
    3. Study harder than last time, every time.
    4. Never give up.

    This is what I did and I went from 1.0 as a freshman to 3.9 as a senior physics major. I am now in a top tier graduate program.
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    Thanks guys. I missed a couple of classes today because I was feeling down in the dumps in the morning. I couldn't get myself out of bed. I just turned the alarm off and went right back to sleep. I'm feeling a bit better now and I will try and pick up the pieces from here.

    I even considered dropping out of every organization / club that I was a part of but I don't think that's a good idea. Grad school's look for stuff like that and if I can get a 90 while in the club / organization then it doesn't seem like I'm being distracted.

    Thanks again guys. I realize now that I over reacted and took the whole situation as a baby. All of this is part of growing up and I have to learn how to mature and stay on my feet when things like this happen. What would I do when I get married and something discouraging happens to my wife and I? will I crumble and give up or stay strong and go on? Hope this teaches me a lesson in mental toughness.

    Thanks once again
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    That's really encouraging. You had a 1.0 cumulative and went to a 3.9 cumulative? Mathematically, how did you pull that off? Did you take longer than 4 years (which means more credits) or..? Still very encouraging though. I'm praying that, I will be telling a similar victory story in 2 years.
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    This is the attitude you want to keep.

    Best wishes on your academic journey! :smile:
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    Not cumulative. The 1.0 was my first semester. I partied a LOT, and honestly I wouldn't take it back. I think my cumulative GPA was like 3.4.

    Apparently my cumulative GPA didn't matter that much. I got into every grad school I applied to. I had a great internship two years ago that, more than anything, helped me write a very inspired cover letter for my application. I also wish I could have read my letters of recommendation, I think they must have been very flattering.
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