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Recommendations for a calculus refresher

  1. Sep 27, 2015 #1
    Hi all - I took engineering a while back and haven't used calculus in a very long time. I'm looking to get back up to speed via self study to a calculus III level so as a next step I can move into differential equations and vector calculus. (My real goal is to work through a self study of undergrad physics.)

    I more/less remember how to apply calculus but have long forgotten the mechanics of the various differentiation/integration techniques, etc. I picked up the Kline Calculus book because it is both cheap and highly regarded. Having spent some time with it, I can see why it's highly regarded but, because it contains lengthy applications interwoven with the calculus techniques, I'd like something more succinct and math focussed.

    Can anyone recommend such a text? Since I'm doing self study, lots of solved examples are valuable to me.
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    Hi Ibkev,

    I am in a similar situation than you: I started to study by myself quantum physics some time ago, and, in the process, I realized I had to to take my old calculus books.

    In my case these books are two: an old edition of Calculus and Analytic Geometry by George Thomas as well as Calculus by Tom Apostol. You better be ready to struggle at the time to review these sort of topics and books, and, I confess, in the beginning you can feel overwhelming, but, later you will enjoy them: the main motivation you can use is to come back to be familiarized with these topics, and then, everything will become easier. As for my recent experience you need to read solved examples, and, to study theory as well.

    You are in the right place: many people here are willing to help other as us.

    Good luck
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