Recommendations for re-learning mathematics?

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I am, then, to begin an undergraduate course in Mathematics (Philosophy and Mathematics, precisely) and I am in need of some help.

It's been over two years since I last studied maths in school, and so I would like counsel as to what you consider would be sensible revising. I understand that my course touches mainly on Linear Algebra and Calculus ; what should I be looking at , any particular tips to get me on my feet , good sources for learning and studying alike , which subjects should I peruse ?

Thank you .

Mathtutor DVD's are great for re-learning some material, and if you'd rather not pay, there is the KhanAcademy.

He has videos/courses on most basic mathematics through calculus.

For me, I just read Precalculus Demystified in order to get back all the information I lost.

After that I was ready to take calculus, and used it as a reference tool throughout the course. She does have short quizzes at the end of each chapter and an exam at the end of the book covering every single concept that was taught within the book. It acts more as a refresher for some and a sort of introductory course for others. Check it out if that is the type of book you're looking for to help you.
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