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Recommendations on Elementary Geometry book

  1. Jun 25, 2014 #1
    Hi! I've been to the math book listings and there is no such book recommendation on elementary geometry, only the classical geometry of the greeks,I need something that will prepare me for trigonometry can I have suggestions on which book I should use?

    (Please don't mention Kiselev's Geometry and Euclid's elements for the former is not too clear and comprehensive. It is like I am reading someone's notes. While euclid's elements is quite advanced, and I don't think it is something a high schooler needs.)
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    Prentiss-Hall publications book, Geometry
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    Try this free one if you like. Hover over the Ebook button to download it.
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    I was honestly shocked to read OP's post. Kiselev really is the best Elementary book on the subject, but there are some other good alternatives (that are less commonly used):

    As an alternative, I recommend to take a look at:
    Mathematical Handbook Elementary Mathematics by M Vygodsky
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    I must make amends to my statement of Kiselev's Geometry. It is the best of all possible solutions. Anyways, Thanks!
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