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Recommendations on PIC equipment

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    I have decided to learn about PIC, but I could use some tips when it comes to compilers, programming boards and the other basic stuff you need to do all the things a beginner would like to do with PICs. I'm planning on learning more than just the basic stuff, so gear that is versatile may be preferable if the cost isn't too high.

    Thank you :biggrin:
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    Manufacturers sell development boards which are kits that have everything you need to get started with programming. Check the ones out by Microchip, Atmel, and Arduino. Arduino is more of a plug-and-play affair as far as I know. Industry uses either Microchip or Atmel, but more so the former I think.
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    Thank you! I was thinking about buying one of those kits, but I wanted to check twice and get somebody else's opinion. Your answer was very helpful. :smile:
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