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Recursion, How does it loop here?

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    I skipped all of my lectures since I usually like to understand things on my own but I am regretting it for recursion. I don't know why but I am finding it quite unintuitive and confusing. I have an exam coming tomorrow so I have to make sure that I understand it correctly.

    I know that recursion functions as a loop due to its circulatory nature. However, I don't know exactly what is going on within the program to make it loop around here. Can someone clarify?

    Find largest number using recursion.

    function output = maxrec(vec)
    % finds the largest number in a vector recursively.
    % base case, if the vector has a length of 1, reuturn the single element.
    % if not, return the larger of the 2 numbers

    if length(vec) == 1
    output = vec;
    current = maxrec(vec(1,1));
    next = maxrec(vec(1, 2:1:length(vec)));
    if current > next
    output = current;
    output = next;
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    You are at the wrong forums.

    Next time go to lecture.
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