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Red Lion HMI Sending but not Receiving

  1. Apr 11, 2015 #1
    I currently have RS Logix set up with a ladder logic program, when I force inputs from RS Logix I can get it to update the Red Lion G310 HMI. However, I cannot press a button, that I have made via crimson 3.0 on the G310 HMI and have it send to RS Logix. For example if I press a button that I created I cant get it to force an input on my ladder diagram. So in essence the HMI is receiving but not sending.

    Sorry I am not sure if this is the right place or the right forum just figured I would see if anyone could help or recommend someone.
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    You are missing loads of details, so I can only make broad suggestions. I don't even know if you're referring to the 500 or the 5000 series of Rockwell Software products. Or are you using the new Pico 800 series?

    I also presume you're using the OPC-DA interface from RSLinx-Lite Classic, right? If not, download that from Rockwell Automation. It is free.

    Configuring device drivers in an HMI is more complicated, obtuse, and ridiculous than it really ought to be. You need to recheck how that device driver was configured, and to ensure that you have write access to it. You also need to make sure that your device has a link to the OPC-DA point name.

    More people get this detail wrong than anything else. It is a mess. The need for security is making this mess even worse. I have nothing nice to say about this situation except that native drivers are starting to look better and better all the time.
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    I am new to this stuff sorry about the lack of info. I can say I am using a 5000 series software from RS Logix, and I will try your suggestion tomorrow. Thanks for the help I wonder if its a programming issue instead of communciation I was disucussing this with a colleague who seems to think its fine and we just need to figure out the right commands
  5. Apr 11, 2015 #4
    The 5000 series of PLC can be a monster of computational power for a control system. The more recent L70 series of controllers are designed for high speed motion control.

    If you're using the RSLinx driver, first make sure you can see the device in your communication tree. If you can't, you don't have the driver properly configured. You should also ensure that the service is running properly. If you're using a serial interface, make sure that nothing else is using that serial interface. I can't tell you how many times that has been the case. Finally ensure that your services are all running as they're supposed to. The manuals on RSLinx have a lot more to say about this.
  6. Apr 20, 2015 #5
    It sounds like you may be trying to get your HMI to change an input that is also controlled by a physical input. HMIs generally only write to a bit, not force the bit. So if you are trying to write to a bit that is a physical input ( e.g. Local:1:I.0) then it will become a race. The HMI will set the bit, but the input module will set the bit at its update rate (RPI). Since the PLC program scan is independent, it may or may not look at the bit after it was set by the HMI, but not cleared by the input module.

    If you slow down your RPI of your input module, then you can start to see this effect. The slower the RPI, the better the chance the HMI input will work.

    HMI buttons should only control dedicated tags and those tags put in parallel with the input contacts in the ladder logic.

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