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Refer me to a book of calculus to clear the basic concepts

  1. Jan 18, 2016 #1
    Can anyone refer me a good book for calculus from which i can clear the basic concepts.
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    Simon Bridge

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    George F. Simmons' Calculus with Analytic Geometry will suit your need as the explanations are clear and quite basic.
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    Simmons is good, maybe try Thomas/Finnly: Calculus with analytical geometry 9th ed.
    Serge Lang Calculus is also nice.

    I found Simmons good, however, the explanation of sequence and series was lacking.
  6. Jan 21, 2016 #5
    I like Lang too but I feel like the book does not have many exercises. Simmons does have huge amount of problems (each of them are very well-crafted) that are designed to connect one concept from another. I think the explanation for series and sequence was adequate in a level of non-rigorousness.
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    I'm learning calculus from a combination of A First Course by Lang and Calculus with Analytical Geometry by Thomas, and it's been working really well for me so far. I also have a book by Morris Kline that has nice explanations, but I think using three resources is a bit too much.
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    I like the very clear and elementary explanations in this book, as an introduction. I am assuming you know nothing about calculus, or are struggling in a beginning course. If you meant you already know computational calculus and want to plumb the deeper foundations, then other books are in order, like Spivak or Courant and John:

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