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Refractive index of Vanillin and p-bromobenzophenone

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    I have an organic chemistry assignment identifying an unknown sample. My tutor has asked for the properties (I can find all but refractive index) for vanillin and p-bromobenzophenone.

    I found that for Vanillin it is 1.555 but I know that it changes with temperature and I cannot find a temperature for this reading.

    I was just wondering if anyone knows a good website or has a good chemistry textbook lying around with this information (I couldn't find it in the VOGEL text...)

    Kind regards,
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    Try the CRC Handbook
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    I downloaded the handbook and only found dibromobenzophenone.

    Any other ideas please?
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    Where do you download the CRC handbook?
  6. Jun 6, 2010 #5
    Probably safe to assume 25C.
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