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Regeneration in steam cycle (feed water heaters)

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    i know that regeneration is heating the feed water by the bled steam from the turbine to reduce the sensible heat addition by the boiler but doesn't that also causes a reduction in the steam turbine work because we've taken some steam from it .
    can anyone explain please i'may have some misunderstanding
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    Yes, there is a minor reduction in the amount of work extracted from the turbine. However, the heating of the feed water using bleed steam from the turbine reduces the amount of heat which would otherwise be lost in the condenser and instead use some of this heat to raise the temperature of the feed water being returned to the boiler, thus reducing the amount of heat which must be added in the boiler to turn the feed water back into steam.

    You can find more detailed explanations of the thermodynamics behind this cycle by googling 'regenerative rankine cycle'.
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    thank you very much
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