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Relational Quantum Mechanics Interpretation

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    In Young's double slit experiment, any act of observation to determine which slit the particle passes through destroys the interference pattern.

    Whenever I asked my physics professors why this was, their response was always either "Your question is physically meaningless", or, "There is no generally accepted explanation why this happens, only how it happens".

    Like many other physics students, this disturbed me a little. I realize that QM is basically a "Shut up and Calculate" theory, but just so I could sleep at night, I adopted the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relational_quantum_mechanics" [Broken] interpretation:
    This made more sense to me - It does away with the confusing wave-function collapse, and includes the observer as just another part of the quantum system under investigation. Also, systems that may appear to have "collapsed" to an eigenstate to one observer might still appear to be in a coherent superposition of states to another observer. In this way every system is a quantum mechanical system.

    What do you all think about this? As far as QM interpretations go, it seems pretty reasonable to me...
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