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Relative peculiar velocity of MBR vs that of neutrino background

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    To what degree is the microwave background radiation isotropic to its precursor, neutrino production?
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    I looked at your link - I am not interested in chasing down the source of your assertion. In any case, the CMB results from the "Fact" that about 300,000 yrs after the big bang, the universe cooled down enough so that atoms formed from the protons, He4 nuclei, etc. combining with electrons. As a result the radiation, originating at the big bang, decoupled from the particles and flowed more or less freely. The radiation lost energy over time because of the universe expansion. Where neutrinos come into this picture I have no idea.
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    Sorry, the link is actually part of my signature.

    Our planet has a significant peculiar velocity relative to the Microwave Background Radiation (era of photon decoupling). I was wondering whether it could be theoretically determined if the same velocity applied to the overall production of neutrinos during the primordial production of protons (era of neutrino decoupling).
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    In theory, the CMB and CNB should define the same rest frame, so any motion we have with respect to the CMB would also be had wrt the CNB. In practice, however, our neutrino detectors are not yet capable of detecting this dipole in the CNB.
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