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Relativistic length expansion in general accelerated system

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    Relativistic length expansion in general accelerated system revisited
    Authors: J.Foukzon, S.A.Podosenov, A.A.Potapov
    (Submitted on 13 Oct 2009)
    Abstract: The aim of the present article is to give an exact and correct representation of the essentially important part of modern special relativity theory that touches upon the behavior of the proper length of accelerated moving bodies.In particular we pointed out that standard solution of the Bell's problem [3]-[4]revision needed. Classical solution of the relativistic length expansion in general accelerated system completely revisited.Instant proper length measurement between J.S.Bell's rockets also is considered successfully.
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    Please note that for topics outside of high energy physics and String/etc., we would recommend that the sources should be a peer-reviewed publication, not preprints. If you have an exact publication citation for this, please provide it. If not, we strongly recommend that you wait until it is published before discussing it in here.

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