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Courses Relativity an Quanta? What can I expect?

  1. Jul 5, 2017 #1
    I'll be entering my sophomore year as a physics major and all the classes seem really cool and standard; however, there is one class I'm curious about.
    It's called "Relativity and Quanta" and it's description is as follows;
    "Special relativity: Lorentz transformation, dynamics, and conservation laws. Quantum physics: the experimental evidence for quantization; a qualitative discussion of the concepts of quantum mechanics and their application to simple systems of atoms and nuclei."

    What can I expect from this class in terms of difficulty for a sophomore level course? Other courses like thermodynamics and mechanics I can find a lot of info on, but not much on this; really interested in quantum physics.

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    George Jones

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    I think that this is similar to courses titled "Modern Physics" at many universities. If you Google "Modern Physics" courses and texts, you should be able to find a lot of information. Because the material was developed approximately a century ago, some universities change the name of the course from "Modern Physics" to something else.

    Most students find this to be a very interesting course, and, because of this interest, many instructors find this to be a fun course to teach. I would rate the difficulty level to be medium, but this can vary from student-to-student and instructor-to-instructor.
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    Thanks for the feeeback, highly appreciated!
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