What is Quanta: Definition and 70 Discussions

Quanta Plus, originally called Quanta, is a web Integrated development environment (IDE) for HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP and any other XML-based languages or scripting languages. Quanta was licensed under GPL before the release of version 2.0 final.
Quanta is capable of both WYSIWYG design and handcoding. It features tag completion on the fly, tag editing through a dialog interface, script language variable auto-completion, project management, live preview, PHP debugger, CVS support, Subversion support (through external plugin).
Quanta is no longer being developed, but some of its features have been merged to its sister project KDevelop.

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  1. L

    Dimension of an incident

    Hi, I had the PET scan as an experiment a few weeks ago and then had to write a protocol. The aim of the experiment was to count the number of gamma quanta resulting from pair annihilation. The events were analyzed using the coincidence method. Here is an excerpt from the table including error...
  2. P

    I On Quanta article on the recent tensions of cosmology

    Quanta Magazine recently published "Clashing Cosmic Numbers Challenge Our Best Theory of the Universe" I am no fan of Quanta and I am not a cosmologist but there is certainly the increasing buzz that something is wrong with ##\Lambda##-CDM and cosmological models thanks to the JWST. Is...
  3. Y

    Quantum Theory, particle in a ring

    hello i would to get some help with my homework. 1. true 2. i dont know 3. true 4. i dont know 5, false 6. i dont know about 2,4,6 i really have know idea what to think I really appreciate help
  4. S

    B How Can We Resolve Noise from Low Frequency Quanta in Electromagnetic Waves?

    What is the lowest frequency/energy where photons have been observed? That is, electromagnetic waves observed as quanta, not continuous waves? Resolving noise that is not thermal noise, not shot noise from the discrete nature of the electrons in the receiving electronic, nor from the...
  5. bbbl67

    B Is gravitized quanta the solution rather than quantum gravity?

    Usually we hear about people working on a theory of quantum gravity, in order to avoid the singularity in the center of a black hole for example. But what if it's the other way around to some extent as well? What if it's gravity keeping quantum objects from doing their greatest reality-defying...
  6. Ebi Rogha

    I What does it really mean that photons are quanta of light?

    But then I learned a photon can be split into two or even three photons (red-shifted, energy is conserved), and also photon can lose energy and still be a photon (Raman effect, inelastic scattering). Now, I am not sure what it means when it is said photons are quanta of light (smallest unit of...
  7. porton

    B A in A's reality, B in A's reality, A in B's reality in ....

    I read somewhere in Quanta magazine that (if I understood correctly): When A and B watch C, then C in A's reality may be different than C in B's reality (as B is seen by A?) What if A and B watch each other? We could make chain: A in A's reality, B in A's reality, A in B's reality in A's...
  8. D

    Dave Parham, Raleigh, NC, I love Science

    hi there, i have always loved Science, and from astronomy transitioned into particle physics because of the Higg Boson, learning about the implications of Dark Matter, and Dark Energy. i am also studying things like Zero Point Energy, have always been fascinated with the flight dynamics of...
  9. G

    I Is a Photon the Quanta of Both Electromagnetic Field and Wave?

    We say that vibrations of Faraday lines of force create electromagnetic waves.Now photon is the quanta of electromagnetic field.Is photon also the quanta of electromagnetic wave? How can the same photon represent both if so?
  10. F

    How a solid body emits a lower frequency photon than absorbed

    I’m trying to understand how a solid body changes the wavelength of radiation it re-radiates from that which it originally absorbed. I’m thinking in context to the way that the Earth absorbs higher frequency radiation from the sun, but when it re-emits the energy it’s at a much lower frequency...
  11. SidMe1984

    Calculating Total Weight of 10 Oscillators & 8 Quanta of Energy

    1. The problem statement Consider the case of 10 oscillators and eight quanta of energy. Determine the dominant configuration of energy for this system by identifying energy configurations and calculating the corresponding weights. What is the probability of observing the dominant...
  12. F

    A How can a mixed state particle absorb a "quanta" of energy?

    Imagine a two-state system, e.g., a single nucleus that can be aligned or anti-aligned with an external magnetic field. If that nucleus is in a "mixed state" at time zero, such that it's wavefunction is 50% up and 50% down at time zero, why can that nucleus absorb a "quanta" of radiofrequency...
  13. SJay16

    Courses Relativity an Quanta? What can I expect?

    I'll be entering my sophomore year as a physics major and all the classes seem really cool and standard; however, there is one class I'm curious about. It's called "Relativity and Quanta" and it's description is as follows; "Special relativity: Lorentz transformation, dynamics, and conservation...
  14. Andy_K

    I Doppler Shift and Light Quanta: Questions on the Nature of Light and Observation

    Dear All, I have a couple of (noob) questions regarding Doppler Shift and light from a quantum physics perspective: a) Since different observers will see the light at different frequencies depending on their reference frame / velocity thus resulting in Doppler Shift, does that mean that any...
  15. upender singh

    What is the Mean Number of Oscillatory Quanta After a Hamiltonian Change?

    A quantum mechanical oscillator with the Hamiltonian H1=p^2/2m +(m(w1)^2 x^2)/2 is initially prepared in its ground state (zero number of oscillatory quanta). Then the Hamiltonian changes abruptly (almost instantly): H1→H2=p^2/2m +(m(w2)^2 x^2)/2 What is the mean number of oscillatory quanta...
  16. P

    Temperature as a function of vibration energy quanta

    Homework Statement Consider a small cluster of four copper atoms. Assume, that each atom can oscillate around its equilibrium position independently of the other atoms. Let us model each direction of vibration as a harmonic oscillator, whose energy is quantized Evib = ¯hω(n +1/2), where ω =...
  17. A

    What is the Connection Between Physics and Quantum Mechanics?

    I am starting a Phd in statistics this year at Montréal University (CANADA). Discussion about physics and quantum mechanics are my interests. THanks to all!
  18. S

    B Quanta: What is it & How Does It Relate to Energy?

    I am very confused. Here are a couple of facts I can't connect : Quanta is the Delta of values of energy. Quanta is a packet of energy. a packet doesn't really stop at a finite distance from its peak. The Energy of a wave is the total energy of its quantas.
  19. C

    B Quantum Mechanics vs. Pilot-Wave thought experiment

    Hello. I want to share a thought experiment that could tell Quantum Mechanics apart from Pilot-Wave interpretation. It goes like this: Quantum Mechanics vs. Pilot-Wave: Quantum Mechanics: Waves collapse to particles. Waves disappear when particles are detected. Pilot-Wave: Waves are real but...
  20. DuckAmuck

    Are gravitons the quanta of spacetime?

    In QFT, an ultraviolet cutoff is imposed to avoid singularities. One physical reason for why this works may be that there actually is an ultraviolet cutoff from spacetime being quantized. Since in GR spacetime is responsible for the force of gravity, and gravitons are the hypothesized quanta of...
  21. A

    Is there any relationship between quarks and quanta?

    I am a junior in high school and after I spent some time studying quarks and antiquarks, I continue to raise more questions about their relationship to other fundamental quantities. I tried searching the internet for answers but the posts I've been reading only raised more questions for me. Are...
  22. J

    Which of these PhD is better for financial quant industry?

    Hi everyone, Could you please tell me how would you rank these PhD for someone looking for a future career in the financial quant industry? (assuming I have math background and decent programming skills). Thank you in advanced! Between parenthesis are the specific research groups found in each...
  23. H

    Exploring Absorption of EM Quanta: The Truth About Microwaving Chocolate

    I started out with a video of someone "measuring" the speed of light by microwaving a chocolate bar. Not surprisingly, this turned out to be partially bogus. http://morningcoffeephysics.com/measuring-the-speed-of-light-with-chocolate-and-a-microwave-oven/ This sparked some more questions...
  24. D

    Interpreting E=hf: Particle, Wave & Planck's Constant

    I know what the letters mean, E = Energy of the photon, h = Planck's constant, f = frequency of the photon. But what does it mean for a particle to have a frequency, something that I'd associate with a wave. And what can you think Planck's constant is representing? Any replies would be much...
  25. greasehoot

    Formula for the vibration rate of an atom?

    Just a general inquiry, and not for any personal gain and or theory, I would like to know if anyone has developed a formula for measuring the vibrational rate of an atom.
  26. G

    Light & Electron Energy: Comparing Quantized Energies

    I was reading a section of a chemistry textbook describing electron energy shells. It compares the electrons to light saying that electrons energies are quantized and so are light energies. Electrons can only jump from one specific energy level to another with no intermediary energy levels. I...
  27. 7

    Particles as the quanta of fields

    Quantum field theory deals with the quantization of the electro-magnetic field, and finds its quantum: the photon. Electric and magnetic fields are classical fields. Can QFT quantize also them, and find their quanta? It is often said the electrons are field quanta (particles are quanta)...
  28. marcus

    How many spacetime quanta are there? (depends how you count.)

    http://arxiv.org/abs/1404.1750 How many quanta are there in a quantum spacetime? Seramika Ariwahjoedi, Jusak Sali Kosasih, Carlo Rovelli, Freddy P. Zen (Submitted on 7 Apr 2014) Following earlier insights by Livine and Terno, we develop a technique for describing quantum states of the...
  29. W

    Relationship between a field and its quanta

    I just listened to a lecture on this, and I'm not sure I quite get the point. What the lecturer did was examine coherent states in the simple harmonic oscillator then linked excitations of an oscillator to the number of field quanta. The goal of the lecture was to show how Maxwell's...
  30. A

    Understanding Plancks Quanta for Quantum Mechanics

    Hey everyone so normally I prefer the challenge of conceptualizing these types of things myself but I really am stuck. I can't grasp the concept of Plancks quantas and it seems like an important first step in understanding quantum mechanics. It seems from what I've read that he basically found...
  31. D

    Quanta of elektric/magnetic fields

    edit: Nevermind, I found the answer myself :X
  32. M

    Discreet Quanta versus the Continuous Electromagnetic Spectrum

    How can discreet quanta of photon energy make up a continuous electromagnetic spectrum, whose wavelengths are any arbitrary value? Is there overlap of quanta, temperature dependency, or so many finely divided energy levels that the spectrum just appears continuous? Electron energies are...
  33. T

    Why Must Quantum Physics Involve Discrete Quanta?

    Hello, I am fairly new to quantum physics, I am trying to understand where discrete quanta come from... I think that energy levels and particle angular momenta (and momentum?) are all quantised in quantum theory. Is there a simple explanation of why there must be discrete levels... is it...
  34. I

    What Does It Mean When Field Quanta Are Not Spatially Localized?

    what does it mean when someone says field quanta are not spatially localized? does it mean they are in superpostion or they are just moving very fast? sorry if I sound daft
  35. I

    Exploring the Reality of Field Quanta in Quantum Field Theory

  36. M

    Magnetic Flux Quanta - Definition & Animation

    What is "Magnetic flux quanta"? is there any animation describing this subject?
  37. T

    10 Oscillators & 8 Quanta of Energy, Dominant Configuration?

    Hello, This is my first time using this forum, I just have a quick question that I'm trying not to get too held up on by re-reading (skimming) the chapter several times. Anyways: Homework Statement "Consider the case of 10 oscillators and eight quanta of energy. Determine the dominant...
  38. Demystifier

    What is quantum theory about? From quanta to M-theory

    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=3873 What do you think? :-p Can you shed some light on that mess? Or even better, can you further confuse it?
  39. Q

    Determine the rate of emission of quanta from the station

    Homework Statement A radio station operates at a frequency 103.7MHz with a power output of 200kW. 1)Determine the rate of emission of quanta from the station. 2)If we treat the radio station as a point source radiatng uniformly in all directions, find the number of photons inside a...
  40. Loren Booda

    Universe of indistinguishable quanta?

    Could our cosmos consist of only identical particles?
  41. P

    Change in entropy for adding quanta

    Homework Statement Suppose you have 7 atoms with only 6 quanta. If you add 2 quanta to the system, find the change in entropy to the system. Homework Equations S = k_B*ln(omega) Change in S = S_f - S_o The Attempt at a Solution So, I found the multiplicity, before and after, using...
  42. S

    Quanta of the other three forces

    a photon is the smallest quanta of electromagnetic (em) interaction is em an energy field? or is it is a force? assuming its a force: Is quantum phenomena (such as single particle interference, quantum entanglement) exhibited by the quanta for the remaining three forces. (i.e: strong...
  43. narrator

    Quantum Mechanics: What is Quanta?

    Hi, I've been on the other PF forums for some months, where QM is often mentioned and I assumed I had some basic understanding of it, but I thought I would come here to clarify. I read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_mechanics" on it and I'm still unsure if I have it right or even...
  44. M

    Why do photons come in quanta?

    Hi, Why do photons come in quanta? Why are the quanta not bigger or smaller or continuous? Thanks, Anna.
  45. E

    Is there a quanta associated with dark energy?

    not sure if here or beyond standard model or higher energy physics is the best place -- mods feel free to move to best forum. suppose dark energy does exist and is part of einstein's cc. is there a quanta associated with it, and is it boson or fermion? if SUSY, then does this quantum also...
  46. J

    Why do irrational numbers appear in quantum physics?

    This is a question I've had for some time, but didn't think to ask whenever I was around someone who might have been able to answer it. If energy and matter are made of quanta, then why is quantum physics coming up with so many irrational results instead of integral ones?
  47. D

    Quanta and the conservation of energy

    Learning the basics of quantum theory, one thing I can't quite grasp is how quanta, especially the e=hf equation, works within the law of the conservation of energy. I imagine the heat death of the universe for example, and taken to the extreme end all masses have been converted to energy...
  48. jambaugh

    Non-spatial resolution of quanta (split off from Local realism ruled out? )

    Non-spatial resolution of quanta (split off from "Local realism ruled out?") I have taken the liberty of creating a new thread since this sub-discussion in https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=2561841&posted=1" had diverged a bit from the OP. You distinguish two isomorphic...
  49. E

    What is the quanta in LQG and Spinfoam and BI?

    When gravity is expressed in tools of QFT, the quanta is the spin-2 graviton. What is the quanta according to LQG, SF, CDT, and other BI theories? Is it the spin network? What role does the graviton of QFT quanta play and BI ?
  50. S

    Do Sound Waves Come in Quanta?

    Are sound waves released in quanta? If so, what are these bosons called? If I'm wrong, please explain why?