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Relativity proton beam relative velocity problem

  1. Jun 9, 2009 #1
    hi guys im new to this forum so this is my first post would appriciete some help with this problem

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    in a colliding beam experiment, in a laboratory frame equal and opposite velocity proton beams collide. the relative velocity of the beams is 2.99 x 10^8 m/s, calculate the magnitude of the velocity of each beam realtive to the lab?

    this is all the info i have any guidance on how to approch this would be very useful

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    When you say the relative velocity of the beams, do you mean relative to eachother?

    Try using the Lorentz transformations to get a desired equation. For example the Lorentz transformations lead to time dilation and length contraction. You are looking for a relative velocity equation.
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