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Removal of a password from a document

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    Hi, I have a pdf document and know its password. Is there anyway to remove that password from that document without using a program?

    Thank you.
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    Vanadium 50

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    I don't see how you can do anything whatsoever with a PDF document - a collection of bits on storage - without using a program.
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    I thought there might be an option for this which could have been used when resaving.

    Thank you.
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    You can view the text, mark the text and then copy it to a word processor document unless thats been disabled. If it has then you could take screen shots or print the document and rescan it with an OCR device to recover the text.

    Its not simply a matter of removing the password as the password is used to encrypt the document meaning even if you dumped the file as hexidecimal codes you wouldn't be able to read anything.
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