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Renormalization Group Approaches to Quantum Gravity (conference at PI)

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    Perimeter conference http://pirsa.org/C14020
    Here are links to the talks' videos and slides PDF

    Recent developments in asymptotic safety: tests and properties
    Tim Morris

    What you always wanted to know about CDT, but did not have time to read about in our papers
    Renate Loll

    Tensor models in the large N limit
    Razvan Gurau

    Renormalization of group field theories: motivations and a brief review
    Daniele Oriti

    Quantum Spacetime Engineering
    Bianca Dittrich

    What are the most pressing open questions in the application of the RG to gravity?
    Lee Smolin, Simone Speziale

    Perturbative quantum gravity calculations and running couplings
    John Donoghue

    Lessons from asymptotic safety
    Daniel Litim

    Confronting Asymptotically Safe Inflation with Planck data
    Alfio Bonanno

    What happens to the Schwarzschild solution in quantum corrected gravity?
    Kellogg Stelle

    Asymptotic safety in a pure matrix model
    Tim Koslowski

    Asymptotic safety in a pure matrix model
    Jan Ambjorn

    Refinement limit of quantum group spinnets
    Mercedes Martin-Benito

    Grassmann tensor network renormalization and fermionic topological quantum field theory: a new route towards quantum gravity
    Zheng-Cheng Gu

    Global flows in quantum gravity
    Jan Pawlowski

    On background-independent renormalization in state-sum model
    Benjamin Bahr

    Phases of Gravity
    Petr Horava

    One-loop renormalization in a toy model of Horava-Lifshitz gravity
    Dario Benedetti

    Gravitational RG flows on foliated spacetimes
    Frank Saueressig

    The Asymptotic Safety Program: New results and an inconvenient truth
    Martin Reuter

    Why matter matters in quantum gravity
    Astrid Eichhorn

    Renormalization of entanglement entropy and the gravitational effective action
    Joshua Cooperman

    Renormalization group approach to 3d group field theory
    Sylvain Carrozza

    Between Matrices and Tensors
    Vincent Rivasseau

    Double scaling in tensor models
    James Ryan
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    B Bahr: "Most of my talk will be from the realm of absolute nonsense, and rightfully so." :smile:
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    I thought he said "ABSTRACT nonsense" :biggrin:

    That is a term of art among mathematicians, e.g. Category Theory is often affectionately referred to as "abstract nonsense".
    At that point Bahr was explaining to the audience that he was a mathematician (more than a physicist) so it was a more mathematical viewpoint that they should expect from his talk.

    He defined renorm flow, maybe also continuum limit, in terms not of a LINEAR ORDERED set like conventional "scale" or natural numbers 1, 2, 3….but in terms of a PARTIAL ORDERING. The term he used is familiar in topology---a "filter".
    I remember learning filters (a generalization of the idea of limit) in a topology class taught by John Kelly.

    Another way of addressing the refining&summing puzzle we've sometimes talked about.

    I thought it was a nice talk. Bahr is one of Dittrich's bunch, I think.

    BTW I thought Dittrich's talk was really good! And the first half is comparatively easy to understand and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to know something about current QG.
    She treats a number of approaches collectively and outlines the main concepts.

    In the second half of the talk she is more concerned with defining the problems the researchers are now dealing with. So it is necessarily more technical.
    Watch the first half of the talk for a savvy accessible overview.
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    Indeed, now that I'm listening with better speakers :)
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