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Replicating The Miller-Urey Experiment in High School

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    For this year's science fair, I was thinking of replicating the Miller-Urey experiment, using a mixture of gases found on other planets, to determine which one has the most life potential.
    The problem is getting started.
    I would really appreciate some help on materials, methods, and building the tube system.
    Low-cost is definitely important but I might have access to a lab.

    Thanks in advance.
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    jim mcnamara

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    This is a simple version of the experiment. You will need to go to a welding supply store and to a medical supply place to get some of the gases. Liquified gas cannisters are potentially disastrous if mishandled - probably why this experiment is not going to happen in a HS classroom :) Get help with setting up the gas lines. You may have to rent some gas gauges and regulators.

    http://www.zampbioworld.org/zampwiki/?t=Miller-Urey_experiment [Broken]
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