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Report on subject: synapse and muscle

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    I have to make a report on subject: synapse and muscle. Well i know what synapse is, but how are muscle and synapse related. Does this topic mean that i have to explain how muscles work in terms of neurons exhanging impulses through synapses. Im not really expert on the subject but any hints would be great what to discuss in this topic.
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    When the brain sends a message to the musscle the "message" is sent down though the synapse's.The electrical pulse in the neurons stimiultes the musscle.It's kind of like how doctors give the heart a electrical chage if stops betting.
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    Look under the topics of "neuromuscular junction" and "acetylcholine", in addition to synapse, muscle, etc. There is a very large body of work on this topic and any good neuro textbook should get you started. Don't hesitate to comeback with more questions as they arise.
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    thanks for the tips. I get the basic picture.
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    Muscles are made up of muscle cells which have long filaments endyofibrils which have proteins 'cytosin' and 'adenosine' which slide against each other to produce muscle-tension which in turn helps muscle to do work. For the 'sliding' to take place , the two proteins have to bind together to each other , this is helped by Ca (2+) ions , these calcium ions are brought by the axons through polarisation and depolarisation processes , my moving neurotransmitters through the synapse region.

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    Just to clarify the previous post, the major proteins involved in muscle contraction are actin and myosin and their relationship and interaction can be seen on http://www.ebsa.org/npbsn41/intro_muscle.html" [Broken]. And although it is not specifically mentioned on the link, calcium does play an important role in nerve cell activation and muscle contraction, along with many other ions like sodium, potassium, chloride, etc.
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    Thanks for clarifing the proteins involved.

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