Medical Neuroscience of memory: book suggestions

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    I want to delve into the topic of the way the mind works in terms of storing and retrieving memory, and all sources that I can find through Google (wikipedia etc) seem to cover this from a psychological perspective without going into any detail as to how the individual neurons/synapses network in order to store memories.

    I cannot find anywhere where short-term/long-term memory is actually explained from a biochemical perspective from the ground up, from the very beginning without assuming anything from any models. Could anyone recommend a good source for this?

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    Memory isn't well understood at a reducitonist level. We know that a lot of reductionist mechanisms are related to memory (and further, that there are many kinds of memory). Some such mechanisms are:

    Long term potentiation (LTP) [1] can increase excitability of a cell and lead to Hebbian learning [2]. With increased activity, microtubule invasion into dendrites [3] leads to increased surface contact between dendritic spine and axon bouton, which leads to more conducting channels of a synapse, increasing the strength of signaling between the neurons. Also interesting in this regard is silent synapses [4].


    Less understood and more controversial are how other molecular mechanisms and cells play into memory. For instance, one paper proposes prion-like proteins play an important role [5]. There's also a lot of researchers looking at the roles of astrocytes [6] which can form a tripartite synapse with two coupled neurons [7].

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    Very helpful and interesting, I'll look into those studies, thanks.
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    What's your level of understanding of neurobiology? As far as popular treatments on the subject, there's a few books I can recommend:

    Damasio's book...

    Freeman's book..

    And especially, one of my favs, McCrones book
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