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Representing Chiral cyclohexane on a chair conformation

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    For an assignment for organic chem the question asks to convert the structure of a compound into a chair conformation
    my question is that are equatorial substituents always the ones that are represented as a wedge on a structural diagram?
    If not could someone please give me tips on how to approach this question?
    P.S. the diagram of the molecule is attached and thick black line represents wedge, thin red line represents dash

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    Bonds that are depicted as wedges are drawn to indicate that the bond is pointed toward the observer. Dashed ones are pointed away from the observer. They are entirely unrelated to chair/boat or axial/equatorial placements per se. If I had little experience visualizing structures in 3D I would approach this problem by building a model. It is very difficult to explain the structure without them. It can be done, but it is difficult.
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