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Request for Biology/Biochemistry equipment

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    Hi, I am a Kenyan scientist/academic and in dire need for equipment that is no longer in use in laboratories in the west. I have without success written to manyinstitutions in the UK requesting to acquire the equipment they no longer use eg old PCR machines, Centrifuges etc, but I have not successfully acquired any equipment because more often than not, the labs that pledge to us, normally forget about us shortly after pledging to us.
    We (myself and others at my university) have bought afew bits and pieces but it is becoming too difficult for afew of us to carry out lab work concurrently. Please advice me on how to go about this. Thank you.
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    I wouldn't know where to begin to get that sort of equipment for you. Those are pretty standard, basic lab equipment that people don't replace until it's no longer functioning. In the US, institutional rules about how used equipment is disbursed (i.e., offered to existing labs at the same institution first) would make it hard to get it shipped elsewhere.

    You would probably be better off trying to find a funding source or donations that would allow you to buy a new item shipped directly to you than trying to find a used item in working condition to be donated. Perhaps there is assistance through some of the scientific societies of which you or your colleagues are a member?
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    You may be interested in working with Seeding Labs (http://www.seedinglabs.org/), a US non-profit organization that is trying to support science in the developing world in part by collecting donations of unused lab equipment. I think they are already working to support Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya.
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    Thank you so much for this site. I will definitely consult them.
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    Thank you
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