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Request for quality website/information to use for algebra review

  1. Mar 27, 2012 #1
    I'm currently an autodidactic mathematician/physicist and before I dive into my rusty calculus textbook to review I first want to be sure that I've filled in any holes in my algebra skills.

    I don't want to waste my time digging through entire algebra textbooks when I already understand the concepts quite well, I just want to go "Oh, I forgot how to do that!" and then look up the relevant information. Almost everything on Google for general review are things for textbooks I don't have or high school classes I'm not in.

    Anybody have anything to share?


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    Hey, don't forget to check

    http://www.bescientist.info [Broken]

    There are numerous tutorials on various topics of math including algebra, including physics, chemistry
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    Get a copy of "Forgotten Algebra" from a library and do every problem in the book as fast as you can go. Doing that all over again will sometimes help even more.

    The only objection about that book I ever received was one student saying she wished there was a "Forgotten Advanced Algebra" book.

    Then you can repeat the process with "Forgotten Calculus."

    Both those books will do wonders bringing old brain cells back on line. They are not intended to teach the subject to someone who never knew the material.

    Used copies can be had, including shipping, for less than $5
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