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Automotive Requesting Information on Automotive Diffusers & Downforce

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    I’m in a conundrum. I’m trying to reflect the diffuser aspects of a formula one car for a computer game. The game requires that I indicate the x-y-z coordinates which would represent a central location of the force that a diffuser system creates. Now, I’m absolutely not an engineer, so I have no clue where I should be guesstimating that the center of this force should be.

    The flat bottom of the car, in conjunction with the rear diffuser, is suppose to create the Bernoulli effect of accelerating the air passing under the car. And resulting in a downforce on the car. But I don’t know where to tell the game where the center of this force is located.

    This aspect has a huge effect on how the car handles. If I locate this force closer to the rear axle, I get a lot of understeering (good rear end grip). If locate the force closer to the center of the car, I get oversteer (a loose rear end). And I’d really like to be as accurate as I possibly could be with this thing.

    Because I have the cars modeled in a 3d program, I can closely approximate the locations and sizes of the components of this system. If I could employ either a simple formula, or at least some reasonable assumptions, this would be immensely helpful.

    Thanks in advance.
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