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Research Problem - 4-body Decay

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    Research Problem -- 4-body Decay

    I am trying to model a four body decay for a PDF I am creating, but I am having some trouble coming up with the "particle mass dependency" part of the equation - see http://pdg.lbl.gov/2009/reviews/rpp2009-rev-kinematics.pdf page 3 under 'two body decays' for an idea of what I am talking about - equation 38.16. If you look on page four, equation (38.20a) and ((38.20b)) this gives the mass dependency part of the equation (multiply them together) for three body decays, and I was hoping someone with a bit of a theoretical background could help me work through a four body integral.


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    Re: Research Problem -- 4-body Decay

    I actually found such paper yesterday, I can send it to you if you send me your personal e-mail as a personal message to me. Dont post it here in the public forum!
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