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Resistance heater for hockey blade

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    I am working on designing a heater to heat up the glue on a hockey stick to remove the blade. Typically this is done using a normal heat gun that can get the air up to 1000*F. My team is planning on having a metal piece that is U shaped to insert the hockey stick into to heat up the glue. We are planning on running ohmic wire on the back side of the metal piece, having it act as a heat sink, transferring the heat to the stick. I am looking for any advice on what style/ size of resistance wire and what type of metal to use to generate enough heat to the hockey stick.
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    If you could supply me with a drawing, as to what your wanting to accomplish, perhaps I would be able to help you with the project. -Larry
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    I am not sure, how to send you a drawing. But what we are planning on is U shaped metal channel, 1.5" W x 1.5" H x 4" L. There will be exposed resistance wires that will directly touch the hockey stick. The metal is there because the tool will be made of plastic and we need to safely transfer the heat into the tool without melting the plastic. An option we discussed was to have slots cut into the metal with a fan on the inside of the tool, to blow the hot air from inside the tool over the wires onto the stick.
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