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Resistive wire and temperature

  1. Apr 25, 2013 #1
    so i have a piece of nichrome resistance wire, 230 v supply

    in free air horizontal it is 650 c when current 3.61 ohm pass through.
    ( it in wikipedia)

    if i wrap the wire around inside a concerte or metal(assum it will not conduct electricity) small cylinder say 5cm dia. does the current have to be higher that 3.61 for the cylinder to be 650 c?

    also is there anyway to estimate a vertical cylinder of diameter 5 and hight 3 cm? and at 1000 degree c. what would be heat transfer coefficient? for example some typical value 5-100 W/m^2 K.
    but my temperature 1000 c, so i dont know if i can use 5-100 W/m^2 K or it will be much higher

    (Edit:sorry dont know why part of it go cut off)
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    did you want to finish your question?
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    also does material properties effect free air convection? or only geometry?
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