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Resonance effect in musical instruments

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    would it be more accurate to say that Resonance is Essential for musical instruments or Desirable.
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    I guess it depends on whether you prefer a guitar (acoustic or electric) or a synthesizer. Rock on! :biggrin:
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    If the o.p was thinking in terms of woodwind, brass, or stringed instruments, resonance is an important part of making music. As a brass instrument musician, I can vouch that the resonant harmonics, define the true tones of the instrument. I can play fake (non-resonant) notes, however they are unstable and tend to lack the quality that resonant pitches exhibit. They are created and maintained by the embouchure (facial muscles). Sometimes it is useful to play fake (non-resonant) tones, as they may be written in the score, but not necessarily available on my horn. My discussion indicates that resonance is desirable but not essential to making music.
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