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  1. I

    Simple Harmonic Motion/Fundamental Frequency

    Homework Statement A tuba is a instrument that can be modeled after a closed tube and has a length of 4.9m. A frequency of 122.5hz produces resonance in the Tuba. Is this the fundamental frequency of the instrument? If not, what harmonic is it? Homework Equations f=λv 4l=λ(open closed tube) v=...
  2. ubergewehr273

    B Knowing if the elevator is moving or not

    Consider a hypothetical scenario where you are present in an elevator which is either at rest or is moving with constant velocity (ignore cases of acceleration when elevator stops/starts moving). Now how will you determine if the elevator is moving or not given that there are no windows in the...
  3. S

    Standing Waves (Instruments) & Interference interpretation?

    Hi, I'm trying to solve two problems related to standing waves and wave interference; while I'm not having difficulty with the actual solving portion, I don't know if I'm interpreting the questions correctly. Question 1: "A violin string is tuned to 460 Hz (fundamental frequency). When...