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Resources For Physics Teachers

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    The University of Colorado has a series of great Java applets at http://phet.colorado.edu/. As a teacher with minimal lab equipment, these have been great for demos and virtual labs.

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    "Physics education research: Resources for middle school science teachers"


    There's a wealth of resources here, in various forms. And despite the title, I think it is quite useful for almost all level of pre-college education.

  9. I and my collaborators are preparing movie clips for use in the physics classroom. These clips have activities and lesson plans at this website:


    You can download the clips from the website, or, if you're interested in getting the DVD, just enter your e-mail on the front page of the above site.

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  11. Hey,

    My name is Brad, Im new to this forum but think I might be able to help. I do some work with Adobe and the new Adobe Education Exchanges has tons of resources for teachers. Here's the link to the science resource section: http://edexchange.adobe.com/groups/639534dd65/summary hope this helps!
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