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Resume term for philanthropic industries in IT

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    I'm looking for a term on my resume that might describe the industries related to education, medicine, not-for-profit organizations and similar spaces that 'make the world a better place'.

    I've worked in ad agencies, marketing, financial corporations and in the - as I call it - exploitation industry (scraping user info for corps. to market to), and I am not finding a lot of satisfaction there. I want to be proud of what my company does at the end of the day, and I'm reaching the point where I'm getting choosy. Choosy enough to mention it in my resume.

    Closest word I'm come up with is philanthropic, but that's not really apt.

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    Hm. Humanitarianism, Social Conscience, Altruism...

    Still, these will not be terms a recruiter or potential employer would recognize as an industry label without my putting it in context.
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