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Reusable Fuel Ubop Self Contained Transit Drive

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    This is not a perpetual motion machine; the fusion power plant will run out of nuclear power to provide electricity to power it; and this type of transit drive works in theory by having two combustion chambers positioned parallel to the spacecraft's width and perpendicular to its length. Each of the two exhaust nozzles are also positioned parallel to the spacecraft's width and perpendicular to its length. Fuel is pumped into the combustion chambers and goes out the two exhaust nozzles at high velocity, and each fuel exhuast half next travels through a half of the U shaped tunnel until they both push against a panel that pushes against the ship's midship bulkhead pushing the spacecraft forwards. Next, in each panel a hole opens and a combustion chamber & exhaust nozzle at each hole slides into position. Then the exhaust is pushed by compressable radially symmetrical panels through their respective holes into those two exhaust nozzles and into the two combustion chambers located at the ends of the U tunnel (pushing the spacecraft forwards), and finally the exhausts go out of the combustion chambers & exhaust nozzles and through their respective U tunnel halves pushing their panels until they go back into the exhaust nozzles & combustion chambers alocated in the midcurve of the U shaped tunnel cancelling out each other’s opposite and equal reactions, and then the process repeats itself. The fuel is made up of multitudes of theorized systematic new elements in which each element provides an incremental acceleration when it combusts (each latter fuel element is more combustible than the former fuel element). The fuel exhausts don't exit the spacecraft. The structure of the U tunnel, combustion chambers, exhaust nozzles, etc. are made up of a theorized new super element I call superglass (the superglass structure negates the necessity of magnetic fields to contain the exhaust particles to keep them from melting spacecraft structure). Finally I designed a transit drive that reuses its fuel practically infinitely in translational movements.

    midship bulkhead

    Each X is a combustion chamber & fuel exhuast nozzle. Each o is a compressable radially symmetrical panel.
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    Without the fuel exiting the vehicle it will not produce thrust. In your first U shape tunnel, the fuel exits the nozzle, applying a force on the ship backwards, but impacts the plate, cancelling out the force. I've tried to follow your design past this point, but I can't follow your wall of text very well and the description is very hard to follow, as is your diagram. Anyways, like I said, if the fuel isn't leaving the vehicle then it isn't producing net thrust. It simply cancels itself at every change in direction and when it impacts the plates.

    And let's not discuss your made up fuel and superglass.
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    As pointed out, you get no thrust if the accelerated fuel does not exit the craft -- you can't "recover" it and get a net thrust.

    Also, personal theories and overly speculative ideas are not permitted at the PF, per the Rules link at the top of the page. Thread is locked.
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