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Revtex and Refworks, citations not showing up

  1. Jan 9, 2012 #1
    I am attempting a first paper using Revtex. I have been writing the paper and it is just about the way I want it, and I am going back through and putting in my citation references. I can't find an answer to this anywhere within RevTex or Refworks, so thought I would give here a shot.

    cannot get my citations to show up:

    am using TexStudio as the editor

    import a .txt file from Refworks into same directory as .tex file and rename it to a .bib file

    edited the Revtex template to reflect this name in the \bibliography{}

    use the command \cite{RefWorks:#} where # denotes the number as shown in the .bib file

    open up the .bib file in TexStudio and see the contents

    When I start typing in the \cite command, TexStudio (I assume) picks up on this and shows me a list of \cite{RefWorks:#} available

    When I run the .tex file, I get a [? ] instead of my citation

    am very newbie at this

    Note, the RevTex faq states:
    While in the directory containing the TeX files, run the following:

    latex file.tex
    bibtex file (creates the .bbl file)
    latex file.tex (runs latex on the .tex and .bbl files together)
    latex file.tex (second run of latex corrects the citations)
    BibTeX will have created a .bbl file. When submitting to APS or AIP journals, we ask that you include the final .bbl directly into the main .tex file.

    But I see no .bbl file. How do I "run" the bibtex file?

    Any suggestions?
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  3. Jan 9, 2012 #2
    I hate when people solve their issue and don't come back to state why. Fills up the intertubes. As a note on what I was doing wrong:

    The main error was that when I was using Quickbuild for my original writing of the paper, for some reason there was a .bib file within my directory that had the same name as my .tex file. The APS template had an empty \bibliography{} entry and even though I specified a different file in the \bibliography{filename} later it was attempting to use an original default file (it created I surmise) to build my bibliography. I deleted it and on the next quickbuild it correctly inserted my references.
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