Richard III -- king in a car park

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    Here is the latest report of the archaeologists who have examined the recently discovered skeleton in Leicester, which most likely is the remains of Richard III:
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    Thank you, arildno! That is a very informative study. I am not well-versed in English history, but Richard III is such an interesting character...
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    King Richard III's Final Moments Were Quick & Brutal

  5. PBS has dedicated an episode of their series Secrets of the Dead to an exploration of how Richard's severe scoliosis might have affected his ability to participate in battle. A currently living young man whose scoliosis closely matches Richard's (as determined from Richard's actual skeleton, now available for examination) was suited up in medieval armor and trained to fight on horseback and with the sword to see if he could duplicate the battle feats ascribed to Richard. Well worth watching for history and Shakespeare buffs.
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    Here latest news on this.

    Looks like they don't do royal tombs like they used to, this is hardly fit for a king IMHO.

    Custody of the bones have been as hotly contended as any medieval holy relic - I think the City of Leicester is rather desperate to have it as an attraction for visitors.

    It is not outstandingly well known for any others. ;)
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    I saw that, seems the armour and the wooden saddle were ideal for someone with Richard's condition. Very interesting.
  8. That sounds like a reality show. Answers want ad for "spine curved just like this", the sad goodybyes to his fellow Tesco workers, numerous failures and breakdowns as he questions his desire and ability to be a knight, inspiration, montage, and finally a hell of a lot of cleanly sliced melons.
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