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Riemann Hypothesis for dynamical systems

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    Thanks for the link. should be an interesting link.

    Yet for the facts that the input to the function is based upon a right angle intersection of the real to imaginary being the input to the zeta function, output to the S plane directly related to this.
    This of course being the output of zeros being on the r,i plane from the s plan, and the non trivial zeroes being such that they are every negative even integer.
    It should be easy for people to see that the non trivial zeros are as a right angle to the real line. For that mater it should be easy for people to see due to input method that a variation of the trivial zeros (which does not exist) would have to result for a non trivial zero to be of the real part line of 1/2.
    It is a built in given of the input.

    Writing a proof to show this... LOL good luck, yet it does show the intuitive reasoning of RH.
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