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RLC Circuit with damping questions

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    I have an RLC Circuit. I've changed the resistors 3 times to give me a case of overdamping, underdamping, and critical damping. In taking my data (this was a long long time ago) I apparently missed taking measurements of current. I'm trying to solve the three differential equations to make a "predicted results" graph. To do this, I need initial conditions V0, which I have, and I0, which I should have. Is there any way besides redoing my experiment to determine what the current at t=0 would be? If so, what other information do you need from me to explain it to me?
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    If you know the value of the resistances and the voltage, then technically you should be able to calculate the current using the Kirchoff law. Even so, keep in mind that calculated values are often a bit different from measured values due to uncertainties. If you're using a calculated value for current when you were supposed to use a measured one, it kind of misses the point.
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