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Homework Help: Rms speed for particles emerging from an oven

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    The rms speed for a particle in a gas can be calculated using the formulae:


    a) Use the formulae and the expression for n(u):


    To estimate the rms speed of Ne atoms in a gas at 300k given that the mass of an Ne atom is 3.32x10[itex]^{-26}[/itex]kg.

    b)What is the rms speed of particles emerging from an oven with walls at 500k?

    I have done a) and got the answer ([itex]\frac{3k_{B}T}{m}[/itex])[itex]^{1/2}[/itex] and then I got a numerical value.

    I am stuck on b) Is the equation to find the rms speed for a particle emerging from an oven different to the rms equation above. I know in my notes the total flux that emerges from the oven is proportional to [itex]\int(un(u)du)[/itex]

    Any help would be great thanks
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    The oven's walls are supposed to be at thermal equilibrium with their content if not otherwise specified; the particles emerging are assumed to be in a gaseous form if not otherwise specified. Thus your formula in (a) should be enough to help you...
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    So you are saying to use the result from (a) but we do not know the mass of the particles?
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    Well obviously the answer is going to depend on the mass of the particles, so if it's not specified just give the answer in terms of m...
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    are you saying I just use 3NkT/m and sub in 500k? There is no extra calculation that what was done in part (a)?
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    Your formula in (a) doesn't involve N: m is the only variable left once you have the temperature.
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