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Road Cycling is a beautiful sport?

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    Why do many consider road cycling to be a beautiful sport?
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    Because they enjoy it, why else?
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    Not all sports are labeled beautiful even by its practitioners.
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    lol, I've never heard someone call cycling 'beautiful'. Its fun, but not beautiful.

    Womens volleyball, now thats a beautiful sport.
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    Bouncy, bouncy, so bouncy...

    - Warren
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    I never heard that saying either.

    What sport is beautiful anyways?
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    Joga Bonito
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    Chess is a beautiful sport.
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    I've heard soccer to be a beautiful sport as well.
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    That's what I meant as well. Apart from a few countries, the rest of the world calls it football.
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    Mathematics?? :confused:
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    Well I consider a road bike especially a time trial bike to be quite satisfying. I love to watch the chains go around the gears and hearing the noise of smooth chain rolling along. The fact that its all man power and a primitive machine powered by man only, makes it more pure and more asethetically pleasing

    The fact that it's a non contact sport apart from accidents is good.

    Another is that a lot of strategy is involved in a race like chess and maths.

    I have to admit that the muscular and thin legs of some cyclists are 'nice'. They look better than marathoner's legs.

    The scenary that bike races like the Tour de France is attractive.

    There is a lot of heart that goes into winning a Tour de France.

    A lot of team work in a big race including sacrificing one's chances for someone else.

    Its an awesome feeling pedaling well on a smooth road or dancing on your pedals on a steep uphill

    Can be followed easily at home watching it on TV. Soccer can also be watched clearly on a TV but other sports are not as well like tennis because the ball is too small.
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    If anything, there's allot of muscle altering drugs that go into winning a Tour de France. Anyway, I find Tennis to be a beautiful sport.
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    Chi Meson

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    I think your seat post is too low.

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