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Role of Exclusion principle in formation of black holes.

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    I was reading something about formation of black hole, and it was given that exclusion principle has a role in BH (Black Hole) formation.
    It read "when star become small, the matter particle get very near each other, and so acc. to Pauli's Exclusion principle they must have different velocities. This makes them move away from each other and star expand, and remains at constant radius, by balance btw this force from repulsion and attraction by gravity."

    But exclusion principle says about spin, and its uncertainty principle that deals in velocity and position, so is not it that it should be like ".... acc. to Uncertainty Principle...." and not ".... acc. to Pauli's Exclusion Principle".

    Or I don't know the role of Exclusion principle in BH formation, or it that really uncertainty principle that plays a role in shaping the formation of BH.
    Please help me out. I am totally confused.
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