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Role of TiO2 in Gas sensor Device

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    Good day, TiO2 have many possible application in material science, one of this is in Memory device, base on some literature TiO2 had a good chemical stability at high temp, so this is one reason why TiO2 is best candidate for this application, but beside of that, what other properties of TiO2 make it a good Memory device? and what form of TiO2 (ex: Nanotubes) gives an excellent properties to be an alternative Memory device
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    I couldn't t find much on tio2 other than the wiki article below


    There was a reference at the end to a news article on tio2 use for storage with the stat that a super disk could made that would store 25 TB or 1000 times what today's Bluray can store which is about 25GB.

    Here's a technical article on use in a gas sensor

    http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Periyayya_Uthirakumar/publication/248495772_TiO_2_thin_film_gas_sensor_for_monitoring_ammonia/links/00b7d529037cb6219d000000.pdf [Broken]
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