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Roots of Trigonometric polynomials?

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    I remember learning an iterative method that gives the answer to trigonometric polynomials such as

    sin(x)-0.7-0.611cosx = 0

    where x is the angle in degrees.

    The person who I learned this method from called it the method for solving transcendentals. Now I can't seem to find any information on this method, could anyone please enlighten me by providing the information?
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    The approach is similar, but I don't remember taking any derivatives when using the method I was taught, and I think it involved multiplying the result of iteration rather then subtracting (as with Newton's method).
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    I don't know if there is one method known as the method for solving transcendentals; however, there are several iterative methods for solving equations such as the one you posted. For example, the most basic numerical root-finding method, the bisection method, could be used. And it doesn't use derivatives.

    There is also the secant method.

    And others.
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