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Homework Help: Rope with mass but ignoring Pulley

  1. Mar 4, 2012 #1
    If there is a problem like in the image provided, and the rope has a mass but the pulley is not being considered in the problem, what forces would the rope affect the man with?

    Since the rope touches the ground will the rope send a normal force up which pushes the man up? I am assuming that this does not take affect.

    Would the man push down on all the mass of the rope or just what is present in the air or what is just above his hand? I am assuming that only the mass of what is above his hand counts.

    I have come up with multiple solutions trying a combination of all the above, all I know is the force the man pushes down with should be half of what the weight of the total system because there is no acceleration, but what weight of the rope should be included?

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    welcome to pf!

    hi umaza! welcome to pf! :smile:

    a rope can only be in tension, not compression, there can be no normal force

    and the weight of the whole rope, above the ground, must be taken into account
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    Thanks a whole lot, I really appreciate it. That really helps.
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