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Rotating/overextreme Planck BH?

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    I see there are new BH theories: "Planck stars" and "no Hawking radiation but a bounce in slow motion"

    What's about old BH puzzles from that point of view: rotating BH, overextreme BH, naked singularities? Do these theories favor Einstein-Cartan over classic GR?
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    Tzimie, I was hoping someone else with more information would answer your question, but that hasn't happened so far. I see lots of papers coming out all the time in which the BH is nonsingular with the singularity replaced by a bounce, but I have not see any of them treating the special cases you mention!

    Carlo Rovelli will be giving 3 seminar talks on Planck star model of BH--the slow motion bounce ending in gamma ray burst (GRB). Two in September: at ISAS Trieste, and at Uni Roma. One online at the ILQGS on 14 October.
    Today his co-author Hal Haggard is giving a talk at UC Berkeley. I plan to attend. Maybe I will know a little more by the end of the day and be better able to reply to you.

    Here is the ILQGS schedule for Fall 2014, slides and audio are posted as the talks are delivered in case you want to watch any.
    Code (Text):

    Sep 2    [B]Casimir effect on a quantum geometry[/B]     Javier Olmedo   LSU
    Sep 16   [B]Cov LQG: classical action, phase space & gauge symmetries[/B]  Wolfgang Wieland PSU
    Sep 30   TBA     Brajesh Gupt    PSU
    Oct 14   [B]White holes[/B]  Carlo Rovelli   CNRS Marseille
    Oct 28   [B]New applications for LQG[/B]     Jerzy Lewandowski   University of Warszaw
    Nov 11   [B]Lorentz transformations from abstract quantum theory[/B]     Philip Hoehn  PI
    Nov 25   TBA     Derek Wise  FAU Erlangen
    Dec 9    [B]Invariance of Connections and Measures in LQC[/B]  Maximilian Hanusch Uni Paderborn
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