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Rotational energy levels vs l quantum number

  1. Nov 16, 2009 #1
    H2 has a moment of inertia equal to 4.603 x 10-48 kg m2.

    1) Calculate its bond length.
    2) For the first 3 rotational energy levels, find the
    a) l quantum number
    b) ml quantum number
    c) the degeneracy of each rotational level
    d) energy eigenvalues
    e) the magnitude of l

    Ok so I calculate bond length using the I=mu(reduced mass) * r^2

    I get confused when it comes to l. Are the first three rotational energy levels equal to 1,2,3? or 0,1,2? So would l be equivalent to these energy levels and the m will be +/- l?

    Where would I find the energy eigenvalues and magnitude of l?

    Thanks in advance!
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