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Rough overview of results from collision experiments

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    I would be more of a theoretician, but recently I have been somewhat interested in trying to learn about recent results (last 30 years or so) in experimental high energy physics - about the implications or results from collision experiments and so on.

    I realise this is asking a lot, but is anyone aware of perhaps an article or some sort of literature out there that gives a rough-ish breakdown of the significant results of the collision experiments and so on? I've searched the archiv for something like this and also just more generally with Google and I couldn't really find anything.

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    Not as hard as you might think. :smile:

    Results of Collider Experiments During the Last 30 Years:
    1) Discovery of the W and Z - 1983 by SPS
    2) Discovery of the top quark - 1995 by Tevatron
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    Then there are various hadrons, particularly the bottom hadrons explored at the B factories. Deep inelastic scattering experiments provided a lot of information about parton distribution functions and other hadronic structure functions and form factors. Jet physics dates back to the '70s, but of course has advanced enormously since then, and may (or may not) advance further with exploration of jet substructure. And that's not to mention results from LEP that include the famous Higgs boson mass bound.

    As for literature, I would recommend checking out the Particle Data Group reviews of whatever topics sound most interesting to you. These should all cite plenty of references, including more detailed, dedicated reviews.
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